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Casas Rurales en Guisando 

We have two cottages in Guisando, beautiful village declared as historic, artistic and picturesque Set, in the Regional Park of Gredos.
Lodging of full renting with capacity for 5-7 people, where we can enjoy the wine cellar where during many years the typical wine of the area was made.
New house, very wide and comfortable, located outside the village in a privileged place 50 m far away from the natural swimming pool and the Adventure Park in Árboles in el Risquillo that can be seen from its beautiful porch.


Castillo de la Triste Condesa
También conocido como Castillo del Condestable Dávalos El castillo de la Triste Condesa se eleva junto al río Arenal, en la parte más baja de la población y se asienta sobre las rocas graníticas sin c...
Laguna Grande de Gredos
La ruta a la Laguna Grande de Gredos es una de las más conocidas de todo el sistema central y sin duda alguna se trata de la laguna más visitada de todo el macizo de Gredos mientras las cabras observa...
Grutas del Águila
Estas cuevas, que tienen alrededor de tres millones de años, están situadas al sur de la provincia de Ávila, en pleno Valle del Tiétar. La Gran Sala de la Caverna atesora formaciones caprichosas que m...



It is one of the villages with biggest touristic activity of the Valley of Tiétar to enjoy important touristic attractions. In 1977 its cottage was declared Complex of historic, artistic and picturesque interest due to its white stone houses, wooden and mud, with wooden framework and attractive eaves, balconies and chimneys, besides of highlight the seven bridges which let to cross the stream of Cobacho which divides in two the population. Its mountain chain is Gredos, wildest, we can highlight the high of La Mira, the Head of Común, the Head of Arbillas and the Head of Cobacho, and the emblematic Galayos, attractive walls for the mountaineers. Two of its trout rivers of fresh and crystalline waters: el Pelayo and the River Cuevas or Ricuevas. The first one is tamed in three beautiful natural swimming pools. Its forest are rich and varied from the Mediterranean forest of the end of the valley, passing through the oak forests, chestnuts and pine forest of the medium slope, with the orchards, cherry trees and olive trees, up to the meadow of its slopes. There are a varied flora (arbutus, brooms, cistus, rose hips ...) and fauna: goats, deer, wild boar, deer, vultures, eagles, squirrels, etc. Two singular trees are worthy to see: the Pine Bartolo (white pine) and the Pine Viper (resin pine). The municipality has numerous signed paths of short and medium tour which get into its forests and mountain spaces (path of la Apretura, path of the goatherd…). There are also many picnic areas, shelter, fountains, rehabilitated huts, etc. In the House of the Park of Risquillo is located the interpretation center of the South slope of Gredos and close to a park of adventures in the nature. Guisando has an important offer of touristic infrastructures: a camping with bungalows and free camping, hostels, numerous cottages, restaurants, bars, shops of food and pharmacy. The patronal festive in honor to Saint Mike is celebrated on the 29th of September, other important parties are San Pedro, on the 29th of June, and now with less importance the Tuesday´s Carnival which the procession to the hermitage of San José is kept.


Parque Regional de Gredos, La comarca de la Vera, El Valle del Tiétar, etc...


Senderismo, Rutas en Bicicleta, Rutas a Caballo, Escalada, Pesca, etc...

05417 - GUISANDO (Ávila)
669.270.999 - informacionnada@casarurallabodega.com -
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